How to get followers on Instagram with 15 easy steps

increase followers on Instagram

Get followers on Instagram


Instagram is one of the most popular social networking sites with an estimated user of about 300 million people each day.  How you use this photo sharing platform has a great impact on how much followers on Instagram you will have. It’s not just celebrities or other famous people who can have a lot of followers. By using the right photos, tags and posting the right content, you can have the vast amount of followers in Instagram you always wanted.


Nowadays Instagram has become a hard platform to grow. This is because people have become less active on Instagram and they are less likely to follow random Instagram accounts unless there are big accounts already, which is problematic for people who are just starting out. So, in order to get followers on Instagram please follow the steps I have written below and who knows you might get tons of followers back.


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get Instagram followers

4 things you shouldn’t do to get followers on Instagram


Step 1: First let me tell what doesn’t work. Don’t use follower exchange apps, don’t buy followers, and don’t use fake followers. I don’t know exactly how it works but it’s really obvious when someone’s followers on Instagram are not exactly real. You know something’s up if you will have inactive followers and you will not be reputable.


Step 2: Don’t beg people and ask them to follow you on Instagram. It just looks desperate and no one’s really going to follow you on Instagram. Follow for follow is not a thing anymore and it is not recommended.


Step 3: Don’t comment follow for follow on people’s photos that might have been a thing a while ago but it’s not so much of a thing anymore. And if they do follow you on Instagram and if it does work, they are most likely to unfollow you and not be active on your account. So you don’t want them anyway.


Step 4: Don’t follow 5,000 people hoping that they will follow you back and then unfollow them back. I see people do this; they follow a bunch of people then unfollow them all. It’s most likely what happens next has everyone unfollowed you back or you are left with an inactive account.


5 must-do steps to get followers on Instagram


Step 5: Now let’s talk about what has potential in order to get followers on Instagram. Definitely be active on your account. Have consistent posts. I would say post minimum of one to two times a day and be consistent with that every day. However, if you do post more than once a day which most people do, make sure you space out those posts. Don’t post them right after each other. Lots of Instagram users tend to unfollow people that spam their feed. I just don’t like it; I don’t like seeing the same person post over and over again. And a lot of people don’t.


Step 6: Try to make your Instagram aesthetically pleasing. Which might be a hard concept for some people, some people don’t have an eye to understand and that’s fine. I will give you some examples. Some Instagram bio is cleaner and more attractive than some of those Instagram. And some feeds are more attractive than others. You can get a thing going on here just having a nice look to your profile kind of that gets people sucked in. You want a good few seconds for something to look at your profile and decide whether or not they’re going to follow you on Instagram.


Step 7: I personally think that a public profile is better than a private profile. Some people say the private account is better because they have to follow you to see what you post. But I am not going to follow a private account just to see what they post because then I will have to unfollow them if I don’t like it. And some people get mad when you unfollow them. Well, that’s just a whole other thing. So in order to increase followers on Instagram, you need to have a public profile.


Step 8: There are few ways to get people to actually look at your profile. The first one is hashtags. I know some people are over a hashtag. Hashtags are done but they really aren’t. Research shows an engagement on Instagram posts goes up after 11 hashtags and Instagram allows 30. So choose your hashtags wisely, choose the one that is relative to your page and to your posts. Don’t use hashtags that aren’t relevant because people get mad.



And another thing also goes with aesthetics is don’t put your hashtags in your passion especially if you’re doing 30. What I like to do is I like to put the base hashtags that I use in all of my posts in my notes and then I copy and paste them in the comments right after I post the picture. I don’t know if that was a little confusing, it makes sense in my own head.



Step 9: The next suggestion I have in order to gain followers on Instagram is to take time out of your day to be active on random people’s accounts. Usually, try to find people to have similar interests. For example, if you are a gamer go into the hashtag gamer section. And like comments on people’s photos, be active, be in the community. Click on people’s profiles; follow through a comment on a lot of the pictures if you like it. Most likely those people are going to see you in their notification feed and check out your profile. This works for people who are especially concerned with their followers. This step is very important if you want to increase followers on Instagram.


And here I am going to put in a bunch of random tips that I find important in order to get followers on Instagram. 


Instagram relevant tags


Step 10: Be yourself, don’t try to be someone that you aren’t because you can’t keep up that act forever and your posts aren’t going to be that great if you are not being who you are. People want to see other people be real, they want other people to be relatable. So be relatable, be who you are? Not everyone is going to like you; no matter what you’re being yourself or fake? So you might as well dispute yourself.


Step 11: Post portrait photos versus landscape photos because landscape photos show up smaller on the feed and that shows the difference with engagement in the photo.


Step 12: Not only should you start liking people’s pictures, you should also start commenting on them.This provides more of a personal touch, and people will be so flattered with your nice comments that they’ll be more inclined to follow you!Interact with the followers you have so they stay. Become friends and notice them and reply to their questions and comments.


Step 13: To get followers on Instagram, what you should keep in mind is that you should never post low-resolution photos. Many people can’t stand it when people post low-resolution photos. Try to make your photos as unique as possible, yet relatable as possible. Try to be different than the rest of the crowd. This is easier said than done, but as a general rule, you should try to avoid taking photos of overdone subjects such as latte art or inundating your followers with #selfies – people are more likely to scroll over these types of photos than stop for a second look.

So, you need to make your photos in such a way that people would want to have a second look every time they spot one. Instead, aim to take beautiful pictures that contain lots of emotion and/or potential for human connection, whether it’s a picture of a blazing sunset over the sea or a young boy selling lemonade. It’s important to capture the emotions of the viewers in order to get followers on Instagram as much as possible.



Step 14: Try to stay out of a drama. I know this can be hard especially when someone talking bad about your friends or yourself. But always be the bigger person in an argument. If you do get sucked into an argument, be mature because no matter what, obviously if they are starting the fight they already look kind of crazy. You look better automatically if you are just being common collective. Also if you fight drama on Instagram they will always be able to spin the argument and make you look crazy. So as long as you are calm and collected they won’t be able to do that.


Step 15: Be natural.Use natural lighting as much as possible. Natural light is the best light for showing off your pictures to the best advantage. Even though most phones have flashes, taking pictures indoors or at night should be avoided as much as possible.

Try to shoot pictures outdoors, especially early in the morning, or in the evening before the sun sets. This is when the light is softest and prettiest.The more natural but beautiful your photos become, the more you are likely to capture the emotions of the viewers.


So, to summarize, in order to get followers on Instagram, you should start standing out and being unique in your posts and photos, have great photos, participate in people’s comments, post regularly and get noticed, create and use hashtags, try some shout outs and who knows you may start to have 1k followers sooner than you think!


I really hope that by following this simple and easy 15 step you will be able to get followers on Instagram. If you like my post please share to your friends and families. And please do come back for more. Good luck!


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