Save Snapchat | How to save videos from snapchat

Save Snapchat: Learn how to save snapchat videos, photos, and stories


Before we talk about how to save snapchat videos, photos, and stories, let us first know a little bit of snapchat and how important it is. Well! In this era of Technology, there are various social networking and instant messaging apps that keep you connected with your friends, family, relatives, colleagues, and neighbors in just no time. This includes Wechat, facebook messenger, hike, WhatsApp and more.

Most of you would be using Snapchat like any other messaging app, but snapchat is little more than any messaging app. Snapchat is photo and messaging app launched on 2011. It has become very popular among teens and students. Over the last few months, everyone is completely into it. Snapchat is unlikely most social networking apps that allow you to send videos, photos and stories among other but with unique functionality.

Snapchat is unique as all the photos and videos disappear forever after a brief amount of time. When the receiver sees the videos and photos it makes the apps ephemeral in nature though you can take a screenshot of the message in order to save them.


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It is really fantastic how snaps disappear once you view them. If you are using snapchat then you might think of saving videos and photos. If you are looking for an easy way out to save photos and videos from snapchat onto your iPhone and Android device, you have landed at the right place.


One of the easiest ways to save snapchat photos is by taking a screenshot of that particular photo or snap. But this option comes with a restriction. As soon as you take the screenshot the sender would be notified and also it is limited to photo. If you don’t want to let the sender know about the screenshot of photos then this might be the easiest ways to do.

This tutorial is very simple and as long as you follow all the steps, you will be able to save those snapchat pictures, videos, and stories on your iPhone and Android devices.

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Save snapchat: Save snapchat photos and stories on your iOS device without sender’s knowledge


save snapchat


In this tutorial, I will be showing you how to screenshot a snapchat photo without anyone knowing. Well! I do not recommend taking a screenshot of other snapchat, but if you really must there is a way. Let’s say your girlfriend or your friend sent you a snap and you want to have it on your phone but you don’t want to tell them. The unwritten rule of snapchat is you never screenshots someone’s picture.


save snapchat


So, here’s how to do it.

Go to your snapchat and load any photos that you want to save it to your device. When the snap load, turn on airplane mode and now you are disconnected.

View the picture and screenshot as much as you like. After that hold the lock button of the power button until the slide to power off comes on. And hold the home button until the app quits or in other words, to reset the app.

What you are really doing is clearing the RAM on your phone and that causes the app to quit. Now the app has been reset and it pretends you’ve never done anything malicious and your snapchat a few minutes ago. And the other person would not even know you did such thing.

This works with stories and chats as well. Load the story or chat, turn on airplane mode, screenshot it and reset the app and come back to the app. Even with the wifi on you’re all good.


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Save snapchat: Save snapchat photos on your android device

In order to save snapchat photos to your Android device, all you need to do is when you received a snap on snapchat, just open the snap and press and hold the home button to trigger now on tab.

Hit the share button on the left to share the screenshot. Select upload to photos to upload the screenshot to google photos. That’s how you take a screenshot in Android device without notifying the sender.

Note: In case recommended you to use Casper to save snapchat photos or videos please don’t use it. Don’t even try this, it’ll ban you for 12-24 hours. I’ve already used it before. It works beautifully, but you’ll get banned without a doubt.


How to save videos from snapchat: Android and iPhone devices using apowersoft application


save snapchat


In this section, I’m going to show you how to save videos from snapchat on Android and iOS. Knowing how to save snapchat video is important because it allows users to review their favorite clips easily. In recording a snapchat video on Android, the best way to do it by using an application like apowersoft screen recorder.


Save videos from snapchat on your Android device


save snapchat


To record snapchat videos with this app, here are the steps to follow:

Step 1: Go to Google Play Store and search for apowersoft screen recorder. Download and Install the app from Google Play Store

Step 2: Download and Install the app from Google Play Store

Step 4: Go to settings and set some settings like resolution, bitrate and frame rate, etc.

Step 5: Click the video cams icon and click to start now to begin the recording

Step 4: Open your snapchat and look for the video clip that you need to record and play it

Step 6: End the recording by clicking stop from the recorders interface and this will automatically save on the tools recording list.

Moreover, after recording you can also share your captured video on different social media sites that you prefer.  Just click a video, click share at the lower left portion of the screen and choose the social media sites that you like.


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Save videos from snapchat on your iPhone device


save snapchat


In case you are an iPhone user, you can easily record snapchat videos using apowersoft screen recorder pro. To record video snaps with this tool, here are the steps:

Step 1: Get an install the app by going to its main page

Step 2: Navigate through the recording mode and choose iOS recorder

Step 3: Connect your iOS device to the computer via airplay mirroring function and set some settings like video format, audio, input-output folder, etc.

Just make sure your computer and iOS device are connected to the same wifi.

Step 4: Begin the recording by clicking the record button. And then open your snapchat instantly and play the video that you need to record

Step 5: End the recording by clicking the stop button and the folder containing the clip will pop out automatically.

The above-given steps are the best ways to save videos from snapchat on both Android and iOS devices. It can successfully record video along with audio. The audio input can be adjusted in its options.

Note: Only the Android version has a mobile version that can be used without using a PC.


Hope this tutorial on how to save videos from snapchat and also about saving photos, and stories help you save some funny or sexy moments of your friends to tease them later.


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