How to display Android Logo at your phone screen

A larger portion of the Android users are not aware of the system like how to display the Android logo in their phone screen. This may be due to the lack of information or sheer ignorance. This is an easy step and a must know for all Android users. Following the step by step procedure below, you can now display your Android version logo in your Phone.

Step 1 > Enter ‘Settings’
Step 2 > Click ‘About phone’
Step 3> Click the ‘Android version’ multiple times and your Android version will automatically be displayed in your screen. 

Your Android phone will display the current version logo like this.

It’s a simple and easy way to know your Android version. Hope this helps you and adds valuable information. Now, you can do a simple task of sharing and informing your friends. We’ll be continually writing about other android tricks and features that might be of interest to you. Keep visiting our page and we won’t disappoint you. Thanks for visiting our page.