The 5 best free VPN for Android devices

free vpn for android

Free VPN for android phones: The 5 best free VPN for Android devices


Today I am going to post an article about the top 5 best free VPN for android phones that are available on the Play Store. I personally use some VPN applications and I thought I would share some of my favorites. So these are the top five free VPN for android that I personally use and I find quite useful. So without wasting any further time let’s get straight into the topic.


What is a VPN


If you guys don’t know, VPN stands for a virtual private network. It keeps your connection private, encrypted and anonymous. VPN are used for enhancing the security on your phone or to unblock some of the websites that are being blocked by the ISP or the government of your country. So it will actually tell the server that you are running from USA or from some other country and you will be able to use all the services that are available in that country and it can also be used to unblock your hostile website.

Benefits of using a VPN:

The first major benefit to a VPN is the privacy you’ll have when using one. When you’re connected through VPN, web sites cannot see your real IP address, only the IP of the VPN server. And because there are many people using the server you’re effectively anonymous.

Going back to the privacy aspect, this will also mean that search engines and other web sites won’t be able to track your behavior. And if you’re on a school or work network, they can’t spy on you and see what you’re doing. And another important thing I should mention is, you definitely want to make sure the VPN service you’re using does not keep logs or else who knows the government could show up and get your data that way.

5 Best free VPN for android devices

Below are the 5 best free VPN for android phone. Using these VPN’s all your connections data are encrypted and your ISP will never know for sure what you are doing at anytime.

free vpn for android


The first free VPN for android on the list and this is the one that I use the most is the turbo VPN application. This application is quite fast and that’s the main reason why I use it. There are some ads in the application and you can tap on ads icon to see the advertisements. But even with the advertisement it is quite useful and it offers create speeds.

The main reason I prefer this over all the other VPN applications is because of the simplicity and speed it provide. You can also choose the various servers if you want. I prefer using India or the United States server. And connecting to the VPN is also quite simple, what you need to do is stop the carrot ICON and it will automatically connect to a VPN.

Download Turbo VPN


The next one on the most simple one on the list is the Ultra surf application. This application is quite small and has just one simple interface and only one button. It is a switch to connect button and the only thing you have to do in this application is tap on the switch to connect button and it will automatically connect to a server.

It doesn’t give you a lot of options to select between different countries but I like this application a lot because of its simplicity and also it doesn’t have any advertisement. Ultrasurf is quite a famous VPN application and it is quite popular on the windows pcs. This is like a beta version on the Android platform and it is also working quite good.

Download Ultrasurf


Hola VPN

The next one on the list is the Hola VPN application. This one is also quite a famous VPN application and has a lot of features that are not present in other applications. This application has a built-in browser and you can use any website from the VPN directly. You can change the country by tapping on the flag button and you can select from the various countries that are present.

If you want to use a certain application with the VPN and don’t want the whole system to be running under the VPN you can select the application and then access it from the various servers that are present. And then you can tap and open the application and it will open the application in the VPN.

But if you want to use the whole phone from the VPN server you can tap on the three-dot menu then tap on the unlocker button and they you will be able to see that the hola VPN is running and you can also switch off the VPN from the notification tray directly. The Hola VPN doesn’t provide the best of speed but it is quite intuitive and it has a lot of features as well and the speed is also not that bad.

Download Hola VPN


Opera VPN

The next application is Opera and this one is also quite common and is one of my personal favorites. This application with the VPN also provide some security features. And one thing that I do not like about this one is that you can’t download torrents with this.

When you click on connect you will see an old man drinking tea or coffee or whatever it is and after it’s connected most of the interface will turn to green. The speeds with this application are also good enough and you can also change the region if you want. If you are going to use the VPN to make your browsing experience more secure and security is your primary concern then Opera VPN might be a good choice.

Download Opera VPN


VPN Master

The last one on the list for free vpn for android is VPN master. When you open the VPN master application it will automatically connect to the fastest server that is available. And you also have the option to change the server if you want by clicking on the fastest server.

You can also pay for the VIP servers but there is a free version as well. You can select from all of the servers available in the app. This VPN also provide great speeds and you can also check the speeds if you want.

You can tap on the quick-paced button and it will show you the speeds of your VPN. The speed of my Wifi connection is around 400 kbps or 4 Mbps and it gets me around 1 Mbps of speed that’s more than double of my Wifi connection. This one has some advertisements but because you have great speeds and it provides some features as well I don’t mind them at all.

Download VPN Master

These are the 5 best free VPN for android that can be downloaded from Playstore. If you have any suggestions leave them down in the comment section below.

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