Android screen recorder: 10 Best app that records your screen

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Android screen recorder: 10 best screen recorder app for Android


Looking for screen recorder app or apps that record your screen? There are a lot of times when we want to record what we do on our devices. We want to record video calls, our game plays and other activities to our friends and other people. Screen recorder app do a great job in recording our activities for us and eliminate the use of secondary cameras to show whats going on in our screens. Android screen recorder app comes in a lot of different styles and functionalities. We can record ongoing actives like game plays, running apps, video calls and many other tasks we do on our phones, save and share them as videos for entertainment, tutorials and for fun.

Screen recorders also record audio and so there is no requirement for any external microphones to record audio. They can also output high resolution videos and make our tasks for screen recording even easier and faster with higher quality. In this article, we shall look at some of the best Android screen recorder apps that you can download on you android smartphone without the need to root your android device.


Top 10 best Screen recording app for android:

Below are the top 10 best screen recorder for your Android phone. Download any one of these apps and fun screen recording.

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1. AZ Screen Recorder (No Root): Best apps that record your screen


This AZ screen recorder app is one of the best and simplest screen recorders. In the Google PlayStore, this app has a rating of 4.6 out of 5 stars. The reason why this app is first on this list is because it is full of useful features. Many of these features are that the screen recording has no time limit. As the name suggests, this app needs no rooted device to run on and it is free also from ads which is a great deal considering it is a free app.

It is also free from watermarks that tend to stick around in the videos and are quite annoying. With simple and elegant app design, the app is fairly easy to use. Another great feature of the app is that it can export videos from the lowest quality to the highest full HD resolution. It will record audio from the phone’s built-in microphone with high audio quality output.  You can manually set time for recording as well. Once the recording is finished you can trim and edit the videos.

AZ Screen Recorder app also an overlay camera, you can record your face while recording the screen so that you can show your face and emotions in entire video.With the magic button, the app will not show any icon during screen recording so that it records the screen without any other object in the videos. All of these features are packed into this single app and it clearly makes it extremely convenient for recording games, video calls, tutorials, etc.


  • No ads; free and clean recording experience.
  • No watermarks.
  • Unlimited recording time.
  • Overlay camera for face recording using front camera
  • Draw on screen feature for sketching anything on screen during recording

AZ Screen Recorder is compatible for android phones with Android 5.0 and above.

Download AZ Screen Recorder


2. Mobizen Screen Recorder – Record, Capture, Edit : Best game screen recorder app

Mobizen Screen Recorder app is another popular screen recorder app for Android. With over 50 million downloads on the PlayStore, it definitely serves as a great and popular apps that record your screen. Mobizen is famous for its easy-to-use and convenient screen recording experience. You can record games, video calls, apps, etc. easily and with high quality. There is no recording limit as long as you have enough storage on your device. You can also record and save your videos on SD card to increase storage capacity.

Mobizen is free and requires no rooting of your device to run. The screen recording quality of Mobizen is clean and superb. It supports high quality 1440p HD resolution with 60 frames per second. While recording the screen, you can also record your face and show your reactions and emotions through the Facecam supported by the app. After you record the screen, you can edit the videos in various ways; you can trim, change quality, insert images, etc. You can even put in your favourite music, intros and outros.

Mobizen also does not include any watermark so your screen recordings are clean and free of distractions. Once you download the app, you will get updated about the latest features and news. Mobizen is popular because it has a lot of features like HD screen recording quality, great editing abilities , unlimited recording time, etc.


  • Unlimited recording
  • Great editing tools
  • Clean recording experience
  • Facecam for recording facial expressions
  • High quality video output

Mobizen Screen Recorder is compatible for Android phones with Android 4.4 and above.

Download Mobizen Screen Recorder


3. DU Recorder- Screen Recorder, Video Editor, Live

The creators of the popular app DU Battery Saver has created yet another great multi-functioning screen recorder app that is full of features. DU Screen Recorder app is free and is an amazing and powerful screen recorder. The app is highly stable with smooth performance, no buffers and it offers a high quality video output. It also requires no rooting of your device in order for it to run.

DU Screen Recorder app also allows you to pause or resume you screen recording. With the app-included facecam, you can also record your face and show your emotions. One cool feature of this app is that you can shake your device to stop recording the screen. The recording time is also unlimited and supports alternate storage location like external SD card. This app also has a GIF creator to make your screen recording as GIF format. You can also livestream your screen recording to YouTube, Twitch, etc.

The video editor of this app is more advanced with many features. You can trim, merge, and combine multiple videos. Not only that, you can also add background music, subtitles, intros and outros to your videos. There are many more features within the video editor like rotating videos, change speeds, crop videos and more.



  • High quality screen recording without time limit.
  • Screen recorder is full of useful features.
  • Live streaming of screen recording
  • Video editor has many features
  • Screenshot and image editing supported.

You download DU Screen Recorder app on the PlayStore for free and it is compatible Android 5 and up.

Download screen recorder


4. ADV Screen Recorder

ADV Screen Recorder app records your screen without any distractions, restrictions and menus. This app is also packed with features and it requires no rooting of your device.  The screen recording is processed by two engines; default and advanced, to give you two types of recording modes. The default mode simple lets you record your screen without any interference and without pausing. It gets the work done in simple and quick processes.

With the advanced engine you can do a more work with the recording app. One example is that using the advanced mode, you can pause your screen recording and continue whenever you want. The advanced engine is more powerful and it allows you to perform certain tasks not available in the default mode.

When recording, the app also lets you use both the front and back cameras to record your facial expressions. You can select different texts for the recorded screen videos and customize them however you like. Also, you can fully customize and set your banner to create the best texts and banners for the videos. It is also possible to trim the videos after recording to whichever length you prefer.


  • Two engines; default and advanced
  • No rooting required
  • Pause recording
  • Fully customizable texts and banners
  • Trim and edit recorded videos

ADV Screen Recorder app is compatible for Android phones with Android 5 and above.

Download ADV Screen Recorder


5. REC. Screen Recorder

Rec. screen recorder is another amazing screen recorder app that offers an intuitive user interface for maximum ease of use. It provides fluid screen recording that can be fully configured due to its flexibility. Rec. is also free and does not require any root for your device as well. The app uses a lot lesser storage space unlike others. It has a download size of just 2.2 mb.

With more than 5 million downloads on the Google PlayStore, Rec. screen recorder app is quite popular because of its small app size, intuitive and simple interface that gets recording tasks done easily and quickly. Apart from screens, this app also records audio so that you can explain what’s going on while recording.

Despite its small size, Rec is full of features that give you the best screen recording experience. You can fully customize its functions and save them as presets so that you can use these settings, configurations and preferences again and again. The user interface of this app is also clean and beautiful. When you shake your device, the app will stop recording the screen. You can also stop recording by just pressing the power button on your smartphone and it will stop recording as well. The app also allows you to set your custom countdown timer to set up your screen recording perfectly.


  • Intuitive and simple interface.
  • Small download size.
  • Presets can be saved for future reference.
  • Customizable countdown timer.
  • Power button/shake to stop recording.

Download REC. Screen recorder


6. Screen Recorder with Audio and Facecam & Editor

Screen Recorder with Audio and Facecam & Editor, as the name suggests, is packed with abilities that make this app very useful for screen recording. It records not just the screen but records audio and facial expressions as well. The quality of the recorded video is of high quality with up to 1080p resolution. This lets your show each and every activity on your screen in great detail. This apps that record your screen is also great for recording video calls as well.

The app also allows you to pause or resume while recording. With one button, you can capture screenshots even while recording. Using the facecam you can record and show your expressions and explanations. The recording quality is high, clean and quick. When recording video calls, you can also set the quality of recording, turn on or turn audio while recording, etc.  There is also a countdown time for game recording. You can also shake your phone to stop recording the screen and draw on the screen while recording.

The video editor included in the app is packed with different utilities. It allows you to cut, trim; add music, subtitles and images. You can also crop the videos, change the speeds to make them faster or slower and do many more. This app requires no rooting and is a great screen recording app that has all the features you need for making the perfect video of your screen.


  • High quality screen recording upto 1080p.
  • Countdown before recording.
  • Floating key for easy operation.
  • Great video editor.
  • Unlimited recording time.

This app is compatible with all devices running Android 5.0 and above

Download Screen Recorder with Audio and Facecam & Editor


7. ScreenCam Screen Recorder

ScreenCam is a simple, elegant, beautiful and featured filled screen recorder app that you can download for free. This app has one of the smallest sizes for a screen recorder. It is not only free but also contains no ads or any other in-app purchases.The user friendly interface of this app is quite pleasing and fun to use. This app is fairly new and it requires no rooting of your device to run. Despite is small size; this app is packed with many functions and capabilities.

ScreenCam allows you to choose and set different resolutions from the highest to the lowest and change the bitrate for controlling the size and quality of the videos. If you use Android devices running Android 7 and up, it will support pause and resume while recording. It also records audio. It does exactly what you want, quickly and easily without any interference from ads and the recording quality is high, clean and smooth.

This app is also open sourced. What this means is that you can also contribute to the project to improve its features, add more functions, change configurations, etc. ScreenCam is one of the best screen recording apps that occupy the lowest storage space, free from ads and highly functional with lots of features.


  • Smallest size; just 1.3 mb.
  • Ads or in-app purchases.
  • Pause or resume while recording.
  • Clean user interface.
  • Open sourced app.

This app can be installed on devices with Android 5.0 and up; but the best features will be available from Android 7.0 and up.

Download ScreenCam Screen Recorder


8. Ilos Screen Recorder

Ilos is one of a free apps that record your screen with high quality, without any limits; it has no watermarks and most importantly, it is also free of ads. This allows seamless screen recording with clean and high quality videos. Ilos is very easy to use because of its user friendly app design. Everything is simple and easy to understand. For example, to start recording, just tap the start button that will appear on the notification bar and it will start recording your screen. It is as simple as that.

You can upload and share your recorded screen videos directly to YouTube, Drive, Facebook, etc. If you are a paid user, you can enter the entire Ilos ecosystem that offers the best screen recording solutions for your Desktop PCs, Windows or Mac laptops and Linux, where you can add other users share your videos from your computer.

Ilos has a small size, simple interface that is easy to understand and it gets the work done swiftly with great quality due to its stable app performance.


  • No limits and Ads.
  • Simple and easy to use interface.
  • No watermarks.
  • Stable app performance with smooth recording.
  • High video quality.

This app is supported by devices with Android 5.0 and above.

Download Ilos screen recorder


9. Lollipop Screen Recorder

Lollipop is another simple, user friendly and easy to use screen recorder app that requires no rooting. It is free to download and also has a small download size. It also enables the user to use the phone cameras to show picture in picture while recording the screen and it also records audio as well. The app records your screen with a full HD 1080p resolution and gives you the highest quality videos as well.

There are several things that you can do with the app apart from just recording the screen. You can set the resolution of the video, change the orientation, and even set the bitrate of the videos to configure the quality and size of the videos. You can set delay timing before you start recording. Once you want to stop recording you can simply press the power button of your device and it will stop recording.

In short, this app is lightweight, easy to use, records screen and audio and has high definition video output.


  • Small download size.
  • Picture in picture supported.
  • Full HD 1080p screen recording.
  • Power button to stop recording.
  • Recording start delay.

Lollipop Screen Recorder app can be installed on devices with Android 5.0 and above.

Download Lollipop Screen Recorder


10. Screen Recorder – Free No Ads

Screen Recorder is a simple and free screen recording app that supports multiple languages and other interesting features. Some these features include beautiful themes for day and night, the option to save your recorded screen to external SD card for maximum storage expansion, audio recording and many more. This app is also free from ads unlike other free apps that contain or show many ads. Installing this app also requires no rooting of your device.

The app can also let you record your face by using the facecam. You can take screenshots while recording the screen. There is also a magic button so that you can see recording time, stop or pause while recording. This app also allows you to take notes and highlight tasks by drawing directly on the screen while recording.

After you record your screen, you can edit your videos using the app’s in built editor. Using this editor, you can trim the videos, add logos and images. Overall, this app is free, no ads, simple and has a small download size.


  • Free, with no ads.
  • External SD card storage.
  • Facecam included.
  • Trim, add images or logos to videos.
  • Magic button to pause, stop or see recording time.

Screen Recorder – Free No Ads is supported by Android 5 and up.

Download Screen Recorder – Free No Ads


These are some of the best screen recorder apps for your android device. You no longer have to root your devices. Be sure to check the compatibility for these apps that record your screen and read the features mentioned in the app descriptions above carefully and pick which one is best suited for your screen recording requirements. Thank you.

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