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save Instagram stories

How to save Instagram stories: Save Instagram stories on iOS/Android

Instagram stories is the new story curation feature on Instagram. It’s very similar to snapchat and in fact, it is a full-blown snapchat competitor. You can create contents, you can watch other people’s stories very similar to snapchat. It is same as snapchat stories that go away within 24 hours. Just like snapchat, we cannot save Instagram stories directly to our phone without using an app.

But there are a few different features when compare to Snapchat stories. On Instagram stories, you can also do live videos and also have the feature to create boomerangs. Boomerangs help you create a GIF like photos.

As Instagram stories become more and more popular, you may also wonder if there is a way to save Instagram Stories on your phone. If you think so you have come to the right place. In this tutorial, I will teach you how to save Instagram stories to your iPhone or Android phone. What you will need to do is to download an app on your device.

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How to save Instagram Stories: Save Instagram Stories on Android

For Android phone user to save instagram stories, go to playstore and type in Story saver for Instagram. Once download, open and log into your Instagram account. Once you are in the app, the main page will show you all the Stories, photos, and videos that your followers have posted. Click any one of the stories you see and save them to your phone. You can view the saved videos and photos in your story saver folder on your phone’s gallery.

Download: Story Saver for Instagram


How to save Instagram Stories: Save Instagram stories on iPhone

For iOS user, open your app store and download the app called IG Live. The process is similar to the way stories are saved in Android device. Open the app and you will see stories, videos, and photos on the main page of the app. Click any one those you want to download and tap the save button. The downloaded file will then be saved on your device Camera roll. This is how you save stories on iOS.

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