How to hide apps on iPhone

how to hide apps on iPhone

How to hide apps on iPhone and iPad | A complete guide with five methods

Want to clean up your iPhone’s home screen or want to make sure your friends or family members don’t see an app you’d rather keep to yourself? If so we have a fix for you. In this post, I’ll be teaching you 5 ways on how to hide apps on iPhone.

When you give someone your phone to use you’re always sketched out about the things on your phone that you don’t want them to see.

I’m going to talk through how to hide apps on your iPhone or iPad. Friends or family looking at apps on your iPhone or iPad is bothersome. While we can hide all those apps through parental control or un-syncing all the apps from your phone but they are time-consuming.

However, if you don’t want to have to go through the process of enabling permissions for that app each time you want to use it, or re-sync it with your device, you can put it on a homepage by itself, bury it on a page by itself within a folder with a bunch of other apps, hide it from the device’s general search.

Here are the five methods we’ll be mentioning in this post.

  • Using iPhone restrictions
  • Hiding apps within folders
  • Making apps unsearchable
  • Adding a passcode lock and
  • removing unnecessary apps


How to hide apps on iPhone: iPhones restrictions feature.

These are usually used as a parental control but you can also use it to temporarily hide apps.

If you want to to use this function, open your settings then select general.

On the next page, scroll down and tap restrictions, tap enable restrictions if you haven’t already.

Then enter your passcode, now select which apps you want to hide.

You’ll see a slider beside each app you have on your iPhone.

Move a slider to the left to restrict that app on your device.

To unhide apps that you’ve restricted, simply disable restrictions.

How to hide apps on iPhone: Hide apps within folders.

To hide apps on iPhone within a folder, first, make an app folder. Tap and hold your finger on the icon of an app you’d like to put in it. Then drag the icon over another app you want in the folder.

Add a custom name to your folder if you want to. Next, go back to your home screen and add in the apps you’d like to hide.

Open the folder and move the apps you want to hide over to the very right side of the window. You’ll see the app move to a separate page.

Move any other apps you want to hide to the second page of your folder. When you’re done, hit your phone’s home button. If you go to your home screen you’ll see that only the apps on the first page of your folder are visible.

How to hide apps on iPhone: Removing Apps From Search

To hide apps on iPhone Spotlight Search, first, open your settings.

Then, select General. Tap Spotlight Search on the next screen.

Scroll through your list of apps and disable any that you don’t want to appear in search results on your iPhone.

Move the slider beside an app to hide it from searches.

How to hide apps on iPhone: Putting a Passcode on your Device

To hide apps using a passcode on your device, first, you need to add a passcode lock to your iPhone.

Launch your device’s settings app. Then select “Touch ID & Passcode“. Next, tap “Turn Passcode On“. Now, tap “Passcode Options“.

Choose the type of code you want to use. Finally, type in the specific sequence of characters you want to have your new iPhone passcode.

How to hide apps on iPhone: Getting Rid of Unwanted Apps

To hide unwanted apps from your iPhone home screen, tap on the icon for an app you’d like to get rid of. When the apps start shaking, tap the X button at the top right corner of the icon.

Then tap Remove on the window that appears. Repeat until you’ve deleted all of the iPhone apps you no longer want.


To find apps you’ve hidden

– Disable restrictions
– Re-enable apps in Spotlight Search settings
– Re-install apps you’ve removed
– Use Spotlight Search to find apps you hid in folders


That’s all you need to know how to hide apps on iPhone or iPad. Hope you guys found it helpful. If you did be sure to leave a comment down below and share this post with friends on social networking sites.

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