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How to change snapchat username


We are all mad at Snapchat right now for one stupid reason because Snapchat won’t allow us to change username on snapchat. I know this sucks. What if you made an account on snapchat and you think you use a very cool username on snapchat and the next year it turns out the username on snapchat is not so cool anymore?

Even though you might want to change your username for a thousand reasons, snapchat won’t allow you to do so. You have to create a new account and re-add all of your friends and followers onto the new account. It is just so complicated and annoying.

It is a long inconvenient process and I don’t like it either. I love snapchat, I have grown with snapchat and I have been able to do so much with snapchat but I just want to say that like facebook, Instagram, and Twitter we should be able to change our username anytime we are not happy with it as long as the username we want to change is available.

But for some reason snapchat won’t let us change our username for security reason. I don’t get it. We should be able to change it that’s all I’m saying. I love snapchat, and it’s cool. I love to display my day and post it on the story. I love all these cool filters and features and it’s the best but the thing that annoys me is that we aren’t allowed to change our snapchat username.


Change username on snapchat | The only legitimate way

Here I will tell you how to change snapchat username legitimately. I have already told you that we are not allowed to change our username on snapchat, however, there is still a way to do so. I know this sounds stupid but believe me this is the only way. Just follow the instructions below to change username on snapchat.

Here’s how to change username on snapchat:

Step 1: First open up your snapchat app.

Step 2: Once your app is opened up, click the ghost icon on the top left corner of the screen.

change username on snapchat

Step 3: Click the settings gear at the top right corner and go down to support.

change username on snapchat

Step 4: Open support and scroll down to “my account and settings”.

change username on snapchat

change username on snapchat

Step 5: In the “My Account & Settings” click “Account information” , there you will find whether you can change your snapchat user or not. Unfortunately, you cannot change you username on snapchat.

change username on snapchat

However, there’s a workaround. Hopefully it has been a long time since you noticed that your name is wrong and it just happened right when you created it or a few days so that you have enough time to delete your account. So let’s go ahead and delete your account.

The reason I am telling you to delete your snapchat account is because that is the only way to change your username on snapchat.

Step 6: Click “Delete my Account” and it will come up “Delete my account page”.

change username on snapchat

Step 7: Click delete my account in the list. Put your username and password in and click continue. There you go, you have deactivated your account on Snapchat and you can start or create a new account with the username you want.


Basically, it’s going to take you through the same runaround that you did when you first created an account on snapchat. There you have it my friends. This is how you change username on snapchat.

Note: Once, you deactivated your account on snapchat you can’t get back the snapchat points you already had on your account. Snapchat has not made an easier way to do this yet so; unfortunately everything will be deleted from your account.

So now you have deactivated your account you can open up a new account and set the username on snapchat whatever you like. Always remember that once you set your username you can’t change it back again. So make sure you choose the right username.


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