Snapchat Map Explained: How to use snap map on snapchat

how to use map on snapchat

What is a snap map on snapchat

A snap map on snapchat is a new feature introduced by Snapchat. It allows users to see their friends on a map and enables us to see snapchats from all over the world. And it includes a heat map of where a lot of snapchat activities are going on.

This new update snapchat map is cool and very easy to use once you get to use it. Basically, this update lets you see on a visual map where your friends are, what they are up to and other hotspots on the snap map with a heat indicator and showing other special events or places where’s there’s a lot of snapchat activity occurring all across the world. It’s a pretty cool new feature we are going to talk about it today.

I have written this post to teach you how to use this new feature snapchat map. Learning how to use the snapchat map seems a bit difficult at first, but trust me the snap map is pretty easy to use once you get the hang of it. This new snap map is going to bring a whole new level with what’s going on in the world in real-time.


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In this post, I am going to show you how to use the Snapchat snap map and why this snap map tool is a cool way to connect with all your friends on snapchat and the rest of the world around you. The new snapchat feature has a lot of potential and it is definitely one of the most interesting or coolest snapchat updates so far. So it is going to be very interesting to see where this new snapchat snap map leads.


How to use snap map on Snapchat


how to use map on snapchat


In case you are wondering how to use snap map on snapchat, well! Open your snapchat. When you open your snapchat you are going to pinch out with two fingers just like you are zooming out of a photo. Pinch out of the main camera and you will open up the snap map. When you zoom out more you will start seeing your friends around the area. The first time you use the snap map you will actually get a pop-up asking you about your privacy and location settings.


You will use the map on snapchat to look around and see where your friends are. You can also zoom out and navigate around to see where your other friends are. Besides where your friends are and what they are up to on the snap map, you could actually see other things going on as well. You can see different events taking place, different attractions and what’s going on around them.


Right now in my area, there’s a food festival going on( Sorry for not uploading the screenshot). If I zoom in, this is taking place two towns over for me. If I tap the event or load up some snapchats and there you go, it will bring up with some snapshots from that area that people are posting.


As you navigate the map you can see the hot spots around the world which usually means there’s a lot going on in that area. Now tapping on a map on snapchat to see the certain area and see what snaps are going on. However, if you tap on an area where there are not any snaps being uploaded, for example in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean you highly doubt anybody would be able to get cell service in that area, nothing pops up because there are no snaps in that area. So it’s not always going to work in areas where there are no snapchats actually being posted or uploaded.


This map on snapchat map gives you a really cool interactive experience to make it feel like you are there when you can’t actually be there. Overall the map on snapchat is a pretty cool way to see all the day’s activities from your favorite people and favorite places to see what’s really going on and that’s on a very cool, very intuitive and in a very interactive way. So it’s definitely worth checking out.


Snap map privacy setting explained: Who can see my location on snap map


But we do need to talk about something important “Privacy”. I know there’s going to be snapchat users out there who do not want their location to be seen by their entire snapchat friends. To set your privacy and location settings, the first time you use the snap map feature just by opening it up or in case you kind of missed that or ignore that, you can also change it in the top right-hand corner by clicking the gear icon right there. And these are your privacy location settings for this snap map.


Snapchat snap map: Ghost mode privacy setting


how to use map on snapchat

If you enabled the ghost mode, it will remove your last location from the map and hide you from the map altogether. If you are serious about letting someone know your location you should enable the ghost mode to hide your location. When you enabled the ghost mode in snapchat snap map, it will hide all your locations from the map and your friends from snapchat won’t be able to see it. This setting is quite useful if you are concern about your privacy.


Snapchat snap map: Select friends privacy setting


how to use map on snapchat


You can turn off “Ghost Mode” and turn on “select friends” that actually allows you to choose specific friends that you would like to see your location on the snap map without opening up your entire snapchat friends book. This “select friends” setting in snap map allows you to choose specific friends from your friend list to be able to see your location and activities you made on snapchat.


Snapchat snap map: “My friends” privacy setting


how to use map on snapchat


Or if you don’t really care and you do want your entire snapchat friends list to be able to see what you are up to, you can select “My Friends” that will set your location on the snap map so that only people who you have added your friends will be able to see you on this snap map.

In case you are wondering if you can’t go fully public, it’s not like someone could add you on snapchat if you don’t have them added back. If you didn’t add them to begin away, they won’t be able to see your location. Only people who you have added directly on snapchat are those who will be able to see your location on the snap map if you selected “My Friends” under the settings.


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That’s it, that’s the new snap map. Pretty cool, maybe slightly creepy.  Then again what new social media platform feature isn’t a little bit creepy when we’re first getting used to.


I hope you find this article on how to use snap map on snapchat helpful and if you find any cool tips or tricks with how to use the snapchat map, let me know in the comment section. And also please share your opinion whether this snapchat map will stay or it will flop. Let me know your thought on the new snapchat map feature in the comment section below.