How do I use Snapchat filters

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Today we will talk about how to use the filters on snapchat. But before we talk about how to use it, let us first know how these snapchat filters work and what it really means.

How Snapchat filters work


Everyone calls them Filters but Snapchat calls them lenses. They are very silly but the engineering behind them is serious. This technology came from a Ukrainian startup called Looksery which Snapchat acquired in September 2015 for a $150 million dollars. That’s the largest tech acquisition in Ukranian history so far. Their augmented reality filters tap into the large and rapidly growing field of “computer vision” those are applications that use pixel data from a camera in order to identify objects and interpret 3D space.


So how does a snapchat filter work? Well! The first step is detection. The computer decides which part of an image is a face. This is something that our brains are too good at. But for a computer, it needs to have the color value of each individual pixel. The computer finds the areas of contrast, between light and dark parts of the image. And this facial detection tool is called the Viola-Jones algorithm.


This algorithm works by repeatedly scanning through the image data thereby calculating the difference between data of the image. Once the algorithm finds enough matches in one area of the image, it concludes that there is a face there. However, it won’t find your face if you are facing sideways or tilted, but they are very accurate for frontal faces. So this is how a snapchat filter works.


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What Snapchat filters really mean


Snapchat filters have gone really crazy recently. Literally, everyone uses them at this point. I think one of the reasons why Snapchat filters have become so popular is that it has given us a million ways to hide our faces when we’re looking ugly. I mean don’t even want to think of the days where I was too ugly to actually take a photo of myself and instead I had to resort to taking a picture with my back facing the camera. Maybe just a selfie where you can only see half of my face.


This is what your favorite Snapchat filters say about you.


The upside down face filter:

snapchat filter


This is my favorite filter and if it’s yours too you probably use it for the same tactical reason as I do. The clever thing about this filter is that it makes you look ugly. But it’s very clear to anyone you send it to that that’s not the way you actually look in real life.


So you can seem like you’re so down to earth because you let people see you are looking ugly when in reality you have masked your true ugliness on bad hair day or whatever it might be. And saved yourself from being judged or being genuinely ugly.


The Space Hipster Filter:


snapchat filter


So if this is your favorite filter chances are that you’ve got a very specific look that you probably think is more alternative than it actually is. You most likely have a nose ring and most of the clothes you own are probably from Urban Outfitters. You want people to think you smoke weed every single day and you’re just so chill.


The Beautify Filter:


snapchat filter


How is this favorite Snapchat filter? I mean I have to refrain from using this one too often just because it depresses me too much to see what could have been. It just makes everything look better, I mean your nose looks smaller, your eyes look bigger. Plastic surgeons must have invested hard in that Sarah. Of course, there are few crazy people out there who think that they can trick us all into thinking that this is actually what they look like in real.


The Bohemian Princess Filter:


snapchat filter


This is one of my favorite snapchat filters. When using this filter it’s kind of make you feel like you are a Princess. This filter makes me smile every day. This filter makes you look like a goddess or you’re just lazy, you don’t want to do your hair so you can just have your hair back. It helps you hide your hair


The Face Swap Filter:


snapchat filter


Don’t get me wrong, face swapping snapchat filter can be really fun. But it’s not just really funny any longer after you’ve received hours of your friends face swapping with each other or even sometimes just alone with themselves. Generally, I just try to stay away from using the face swap filter altogether just because I have had so many experiences where I face swap with my friends and my face on them is uglier than their face on me. Which is not good.


Pro tip: Only face swap with people who is uglier than you 😀


The Dog Ears Filter:


snapchat filters


This is basically the lazy version of a girl who dresses up like a mouse for Halloween. Overusing this filter just isn’t  fair. It’s part of the much larger issue. Snapchat is supposed to be a safe place where we call all go to look out our true ugly selves. So if you use the dog filter on every snap, it completely disrupts a playing field. You might as well call Snapchat the new Instagram then. I need to see you looking as ugly as I do when I wake up early on a Monday morning. Show some solidarity, please.


Anyway, that’s it for the time being. Of course, I love all the filters that I have mentioned, I use them myself all the time like if I do look ugly I will use a mass filter. And if I want to look cute I will use the Dog Filter that’s just the way it is.



How do I use Snapchat Filter


I am going to show you how to use filters on snapchat. You need to have your snapchat app open and I want you to flip the camera around by tapping on the camera icon on the top right corner. Hold your thumb down or finger down on your face and you can see that circles are going around there.


Before we go further, always remember to update your snapchat app because snapchat rolls out new artwork and new filters like almost every day. It’s one of the things I think is as impressive as there is always new stuff. All the artwork is top-notch. I think it’s the coolest artwork out there and it’s always fresh and new which makes it kind of fun because it seems like every time you turn on snapchat you got something new to play with and pressure to make people laugh. So that’s all these filters are meant to do is just kind of let your hair down, relax and have fun with. Here’s how you use snapchat filters.


The only thing you need to do is press on the screen. I usually just press right at my nose, look at your phone look at your nose, and just press the screen and it’s going to activate the little wire mesh. You’re going to see the white wire mesh go over the screen that means you have activated the filters. That’s it! Look below there’s a little circle in the middle, that’s the shutter button. Below the shutter button is the “X” button, if you want to “X” out of the filter you need to press the “X” button.


To reactivate, press your thumb on your face right over your nose and it’s going to activate the wire mesh. When you see the wire mesh they’re activated so once you hit the shutter button or you can press it once for a photo and you can hold it for 10 seconds for a video. Whatever one you use the filter is going to be applied to your face.


The filters are really easy, some of them will tell you to raise your eyebrows or open your mouth and that’s just going to activate the little thing as you record your snap. Just slide it over to see all the different things that you can do. It’s kind of fun right. So that is how you use filters on Snapchat.


I hope the tutorial was helpful. Please come back for more tutorials. You can share to your friends and love ones.