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Top 10 cool tech gadgets: Must have tech gadgets to make life easier:

In this post, we will be talking about top 10 cool tech gadgets you must have in 2018. These gadgets are one of the best gadgets that I have come across. Take a look at each and every Gadget and decide which one is your favorite one.

TILE MATE: The small square piece of tech to help you find your things.

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TILE is a cool tech gadgets, small, smart tracking device for almost everything we use daily, which we tend to forget where we kept them. From your smart phones, TV remote control, keys, bags, wallets etc. to your cars and bikes, tile helps you find almost everything you hook it onto, and make sure you never lose any of your most used items, ever again.

TILE comes with a GPS tracking system. Tile can be tracked through the smartphone app and will show you its location precisely. You can even retrace your step using the app. You can also find your smartphone by simply pressing the middle button of Tile and it will automatically ring your phone, even if your phone is on silent mode.

Because of its small size, tile can be easily hooked onto your keys, bikes, etc. or drop it in your wallet or purse or keep it in your car. Wonder where your smartphone is, again? Use tile. Wonder where you parked your bike? Use tile. Wonder where your keys are? Use tile. It is small, light and convenient and is the perfect gadget for you if you’re absent-minded or so busy that you keep forgetting where everything was. This cool tech gadgets TILE is also available in different sizes. It is easily purchasable on Amazon or eBay.

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OGON: The most secure wallet with a locking and tracking system.

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Ever wonder how safe your wallet really is? Do you think that your wallet is safe even in your own bedroom? Did you know that anytime you leave your wallet alone or while you are away, your family, friends and other people can always open your wallet and steal your money? Are you really sure nobody can sneak into your wallet and violate your privacy at the office?

Not anymore. This cool tech gadget OGON is the first code-encrypted pocket-sized vault. It is one of the most secure wallets out there. It is also called the ‘mini safe wallet’. It has a locking system that comprises a three digit code capable of a thousand different combinations and possibilities. You can also choose and set your own password. Looking and feeling like a mini safe, this is also a must-have gadget.

OGON also comes with a tracking system. You can always find it anytime and anywhere by simply connecting it to any tracking system such as TILE (the gadget mentioned before), GPS and any other tracker.

This means that you can easily trace your wallet even if it was stolen. Even if it was stolen, the thief would still have a hard time cracking the code. Not only that, the wallet itself is made of tough, strong material that cannot be easily tampered with. It also comes with several designs to suit your wants.

It is also light and handy. It can hold up to 12 cards and still have a great space for cash as well. It’s one of the best new technology gadgets that protect your own privacy and make sure you keep your money safe as it should be.

Cool tech gadgets the Spend wallet: Change the way you pay.

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SPEND is a different type of wallet that could make the use of paying for stuff by swiping with credit cards obsolete. It is a hassle when you always have to take out your credit card, hand it over to the person in charge of payment, wait for him/her to swipe your card and hand it back to you.

Paying with your phone is also a problem when you have to take calls or your phone battery is dead. To solve this problem, the makers of this cool tech gadgets have created a revolutionary payment system that could totally replace your wallet.

First, connect the mini card reader that comes along with the spending wallet to your phone. Then, swipe any of your cards to the mini card reader. Then save the card and proceed. Once you link the Spend wallet with your phone, you can start payment right away. You can save any of your debit, credit and other payment cards such as gift cards.

To make any payment, simply choose the type of card you prefer to make the payment, be it Visa, Mastercard etc. Then hold the Spend wallet near any card reader of any store, and your payment is done in a matter of seconds.

When you hold the Spend wallet near the card reader, it will automatically communicate with the card reader magnetic flux communication technology and pay it quickly. You don’t have to take out your card, swipe and press buttons and wait to pay any more.

The Spend wallet is lighter, thinner than a smartphone and more compact than other wallets, thus making it easy to carry around. You don’t have to worry about losing it as it can be easily tracked using any tracking system.

You can also still keep some cash on the back of the wallet as it also comes with a room for your cash.

Using this cool tech gadgets makes us feel like living in the future where everything is controlled by hand wirelessly and easily. Smart and easy to use, this could be for you if you kind of wants to look futuristic and most importantly, if you feel paying should be as easy as holding your wallet near the card reader without the need of any other form of payment.

Cool tech gadgets BRANTO smart home system: Be there, without being there.

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BRANTO is a smart-home system that offers a wide range of functions right out of the box. It is a streamlined wireless device that performs many different functions such as Video Conference, Security, Audio streaming, Smart housekeeper, Full remote presence, and monitoring etc.

Your loved ones and family living far away can be now as close as sitting next to each other using the Videoconference function. It has a 360 degree rotating, full HD camera, superior sound quality, and better microphones let you achieve full presence effect.

Branto is cellular connected as well as self-powered. So, you can always monitor your dear ones anytime anywhere you are, using just your smartphone. You have full control of what you want to see through the video call mode, i.e, you can simply swipe your screen and Branto will rotate its camera accordingly.

You don’t have to go home from your office or work just to see how your kids, friends, and family are doing, using your phone, you are always present. With the help of Branto, you can also play music remotely, provide better security systems and make it a smart housekeeper.

Branto also comes with Branto Bit sensors with the help of which you can monitor if the doors and windows of your home are open or closed. You can also change and choose your TV channels remotely using this device.

You can also set your air conditioner according to your liking before you have to go home so that your home can meet you with a cool breeze after a long and tired working day, or a warm cozy air after you spent a long time outside your house in the cold winter.

This is a single smart device that can bring more safety, comfort, and happiness into your life. You should really have this device because it’s smart, great, reliable and one of the best new technology gadgets for 2017.

Cool tech gadgets Hayo: Virtual remote controls for your connected home.

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Don’t you want to live in the future where you don’t even have to press or even touch any buttons or shout across the room to turn on certain devices like your lights, home temperature, music players, TV, fans and anything in your home that needs to be controlled or turned on? Welcome to Hayo, a super smart wireless device that connects with your favorite smart home platforms and products (like IFTTT, Wink, Sonos, Nest) and gives you the ability to control them with simple hand motions. That’s right. Use only your hand.

The system starts by 3D-scanning your room and lets you or right in midair. The setup is also quite simple. Place Hayo in the space of your choice, connect it to your wifi, then, Hayo will automatically 3D scan your room. Once the scanning is done, using Hayo’s augmented reality app, you can create virtual remote control buttons on top of objects (like furniture) or even in thin air, to control any of your devices

Do you want to turn on your TV just by moving your hand in mid-air, without having to look for the remote? Or do you want to make your table a play button for you musical devices such as Sonos? Or place an on/off button for your HUE lights right above your bed? Hayo can do that. It’s like using the force for your hand to control almost every connected device in your home. It’s like having Harry Potter’s magic wand to control your devices in your home, except your wand is your hand (which is even better). You’re like a genie. For whatever you want, whatever you need, Hayo is always with you. Best new technology gadgets for being Smart and futuristic gadget to own.

Cool tech gadgets the AllBe1: Your personal security guardian.

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What if you could have a small single device that could help you monitor your health, your home, your belongings, your pets, etc. and safeguard your personal security? Wouldn’t it be awesome?

That’s exactly what AllBe1 is all about. The AllBe1 is a small capsule that is packed with many sensors such as a thermometer, light sensor, UV monitor, accelerometer, range detector, P.I.R, etc. and it can monitor pretty much everything.

AllBe1 features 13 different functions, with the long-range Bluetooth capability (x10 of standard Bluetooth) and a rechargeable battery.

One of the best features of AllBe1 is that it is an open platform, which means that developers can create an endless number of apps and functionalities with it. You can create many functions so that you can use AllBe1 in many ways such as steps counter, thief detector, sunlight and sun exposure monitor, car alarm, your pet tracker, etc.

With its infrared alarm technology, AllBe1 will warn you when someone enters your room, home or office. Place it on your bags, laptops, etc and it will always keep track of your belongings.

If you keep the AllBe1 in a drawer, it will warn you when someone opens your drawer in your absence. You can also use it as a smart unlocker. This means that your phone will only unlock if you are near it. It can warn you if someone bumps into your car with its motion sensing ability.

It counts steps, distances and calories you burn when you exercise. It will also warn you to get some sunlight when you’re indoors for too long. It will warn you when your pet runs out of sight and help you track its location. Small, smart and packed, with multi-sensors, it helps protect the safety of you, your family and your belongings.

The Sweetcase: The phone case that brings more life into your iPhone.

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We all use smartphone cases in order to protect our precious devices. But lately, all that these phone cases really do is pretty simple; protect our phones and nothing else. Plus, they make our phone look thick, make it heavier and bulkier.

The Sweetcase is revolutionary phone case designed specifically for the iPhone7 and iphone7 plus. It is a phone case packed multiple features such as an audio jack and an external 256 GB SD card slot(both absent on the iPhone7 series), a kickstand and an external battery pack to increase your phone’s battery life.

All of these features have been squeezed down to a 4mm iPhone case. It’s so slim and light that you barely know it’s there. With the help of the Sweet case, you can enjoy your favorite music using the old 3m audio jack.

You can increase your phone’s limited storage by inserting an external SD card into the card slot. Don’t worry about running low on power, because the extra battery pack is there to help increase your phone’s battery life.

You don’t have to buy another smartphone stand or holder when you want to sit back and enjoy your videos and movies. The Sweetcase is provided with a kickstand and you can simply pull it out and it will support your phone.

The Sweetcase is a compact multi-functioning phone case and that is great and useful for its size. It is like a Swiss army knife for a smartphone. This is definitely a must-own gadget if you are an iPhone user.

NITRO Q- The fastest ever powerbank that charges in 7 minutes.

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Yes, you read that right. Don’t you want a powerbank that recharges your devices so quickly that you don’t have to wait long hours again?

Nitro Q is a new type of powerbank that is capable of recharging your smartphone or tablet in just 7 minutes. This is another must-have gadget. Using Nitro Q would make you want to throw all of your other power banks away.

While most powerbanks take about 2-3 hours to recharge, Nitro Q will be charged up and ready for use by the time you make a cup of coffee. That’s what we want, right? It is also compatible with all devices that include a USB hub. So, it can charge all of your devices-smartphones, portable Bluetooth speakers, tablets, smartwatches, etc.

Nitro Q also come in two colors- black and silver, so you can choose the color of your choice. Because of its sleek design, it can easily fit in your pocket, and due to its light weight, it very portable and is comfortable to carry around.

Its sleek design and first-class appearance will make you fall in love with it the moment you see it. It is light, compact, beautiful, and most of all, powerful.

Nitro Q has a 5000mah battery. It takes 15 minutes to fully charge two devices and 7 minutes to charge one device. And it takes less than 15 minutes to recharge the device itself.

With Nitro Q, you can charge your smartphones and recharge it at the same time, without harming any of your devices. Not only that, the Nitro Q is designed to protect your devices from voltage-related issues such as a Short circuit, Over-voltage, under voltage and heating problems. Unlike other powerbanks which heat up when charged or discharged, Nitro Q is always cool and safe.

The Nitro Q is a long-awaited device for regular smartphone users. Finally, it’s here.

Cool tech gadgets HOVERCAMERA: The first truly autonomous HD camera.

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HOVERCAMERA, as the name indicates is a flying camera that hovers steadily in the air and shoots HD photos and 4K videos. To use it is pretty simple. Just power it on, flip it open, keep it in your desired position in the air, and then release it.

It will automatically hover and capture you with great picture quality. The ground-breaking part of this new gadget is that it follows its user using facial and body recognition system. Hovering is also much more difficult than just flying.

The Hovercamera hovers steadily because it is integrated with a downward viewing camera in order to stay position and achieve maximum stability.

It will follow you intelligently and capture every move you make. It is integrated with embedded AI technologies and runs complex flight stabilization algorithms. It is small and light, and it can easily fit into a purse.

Wait, here’s more.

Using your smartphone, you can stream, control, focus and capture photos or videos through the Hovercamera. It will stream your videos or photos directly to your smartphone once you pair the two, and help you choose the perfect shooting angles for achieving great looking photos.

It can also take 360 panorama shots.

HOVERCAMERA is the most sophisticated, compact and intelligent flying camera on the market. Its elegantly designed functionality and build, awesome performance and simple to use features, makes the Hovercamera earn the top two spot on this list.

VUE Smartglasses: The Smartglasses that fit your lifestyle and your looks.

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Today, almost each and every device we use has the word ‘Smart’ in them; our smartphones, smart TV, smart watch etc. One of the latest devices that include the word ‘smart’ in them is the smart glass. Smartglasses come in different shapes and sizes. But all of them are not exactly compatible to be termed under the category of ‘glasses’. They are just smart devices that you stick to your regular glasses to perform different functions and increase functionality. But having a bulky thing stuck to your face is kind of creepy and distracting.

VUE is a different type of smartglass. It is a smart glass that looks and feels exactly like a regular pair of glasses. It is the first pair of glasses paired with multiple functions such as bone conduction speakers that allow you to listen to music and be aware of your surroundings at the same time, touch buttons to take calls, microphones, visual notifications, activity tracker and much more. You can also set and control your music playback. It is super light, weighing only about 28 grams.

VUE is also water and sweat resistant.

VUE communicates with your phone via bluetooth and using the VUE app, you can perform a range of functions with using your phone. You can use VUE to take calls, listen to your music and change your music using the touch buttons included in the frame itself, set health reminders, track your calories when you run, and use it to take photos from your smartphone (this is cool). Just tap on your glasses and your phone will take your photos.

You can also check the time. Just double tap it and it will tell you the time. Using the ‘find my glasses feature’, you can always locate your VUE glasses when you lose them.

VUE is charged by using its wireless charging case and it has batteries that last up to one week.

VUE is the most beautifully designed smart glasses that you can wear and performs a range of functions. VUE comes in two styles- classic and trendy. It is a truly revolutionary and one of the best new technology gadgets you must own to help you make your life easier.

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