How to enabled factory reset protection (FRP)

factory reset protection

Factory Reset Protection (FRP) keeps your Phone data safe if your phone is lost or stolen, however, you need to disable Factory Reset Protection (FRP) before a new user can set it up and sign in again.

Every Smartphone makers have come up with a strong security measure to protect your phone’s data or personal information getting into the hands of hackers around the world.  There is no 100% full proof security measure to prevent your smartphone from hackers.  However, phones security protection are getting a lot better compare to the years gone by. Many talented application makers have introduced new security phone application to prevent our phones getting into the hands of hackers. Just like there are good security application to protect our phones, our Smartphones inbuilt security have also getting more and more secured. And Google has also introduced a new security measure called Factory Reset Protection (FRP) to protect your phone’s data. However, these are not 100% reliable and strong enough to secure the phone. 

factory reset protection

Like I said Google has introduced a new security measure called “Factory Reset Protection (FRP)” for android phone users around the world this Factory Reset Protection (FRP) is included starting from android Lollipop to the newest version of Android OS. Lollipop OS was released on 14 December 2014, this means that this new security feature introduced by Google is already 2 years old. If your android phone comes along with an inbuilt OS of Lollipop, this FRP will be included, however, if you upgrade your phone to Lollipop OS this FRP will not be included in the updated version (I am not 100% sure about this either since some Lollipop devices don’t have FRP). 

Factory Reset Protection(FRP) is to protect our devices from getting being hacked and to protect our lost devices or stolen devices  from someone recovering our data stored in the phone, but many android users faces some problems with this new security measure and some users didn’t even take the advantage of this new security feature introduce by Google. They become really upset when they face a mojor problem with their Android devices. I have written down some basic steps to use the Factory Reset Protection(FRP) in your device. Please follow the steps given below:

Step 1: The first time you use your new Android device, login using your google account. ( If you are a new Android User, signup with Google account and use this account to sign in to your new android device)

Step 2: You should use your device screen lock with a password/Pattern to lock your Android device instead of using none or Swipe method to unlock the screen. In case if you forget your Lock code or password of your device you can reset or recover using your google credential.

For more information about FRP and how to setup, click this LINK and follow the instructions. 

By following these two simple steps, you have completed setting up your device to enable Factory Reset Protection(FRP). In case you lost your phone or someone stole it from you, without knowing your unlock pattern or password of your phone they won’t be able to recover your device.

Even if they tried to factory reset your phone, without your google credential they won’t be able to reset it. I am not saying this thing cannot be bypass, however, let’s keep in mind that in order to bypass this method they have to be really good in hacking or knows a lot about technical stuff.  Only a professional in technical will have the chance to bypass this new security introduced by Google.

If you want a new phone and wants to give your old phone to family member or someone else. Please keep in mind to remove your Google account from your old phone so that your information are not mishandled by the new user.

To do that you need to remove your Google account completely from your phone or go to Developer Option in Settings, in Developer Option you will find OEM Unlocking. And from there you can remove it. 

In any case you have forgotten your Login details and don’t want to wipe out your data, please follow this link in order to bypass Android Factory Reset Protection.

For a conclusion, I want to remind all of you that there is no 100% good enough to protect your phones from hackers stealing your data. Please take an extra careful measure. Instead of saving important information or data in your phone, sometimes it  is safe to keep them or store them in a safe place. 

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