How to Make Android Phone Faster With Quick and Simple Tricks

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Friends, Do you want to make Android phone faster? is your phone battery draining out quickly? Is your Android phone getting slow? Is your phone virus effected? Read the article till the end, you will know how to make Android phone faster.

Friends, to make Android phone faster, firstly you have to know why your phone battery gets exhausted so fast. Most of the phones available in the Market are manufactured in such a way that it is optimized for best possible performance with the machinery built in. But why the fast battery drains?

First, to make Android phone faster, let’s discuss about viruses in Android phones. Friends we have built a wrong concept that in Android phone can be a victim of malware and viruses, this was actually a weak point of windows PC platform before windows 10.

However, windows phones never have these kind of issues and you will be surprised to know that Android platform is even more protected for any virus or viral program intrusion because Android is based on Linus which is being used for years and well known for its smooth, rich and most importantly malicious software protective design. So, Android phones don’t need any extra antivirus available in Playstore.

Make Android phone faster

We install several Antivirus, Anti-Malware, phone tune up and memory or Ram clean-up programs. Those are mostly gimmick and has no function in real, instead they increases load on your phone memory and don’t make Android phone faster, RAM and mostly on your battery in the name of protecting your Android phone.

They keeps on running uselessly in your phone and eats up your phone resources. If you kill programs and apps those you don’t or rarely use will keep the RAM clear and you should periodically clean unused stuffs from your phone in order to keep your phone up and running properly without lack to make Android phone faster.


Secondly, knowingly or unknowingly, we installed lots of application and later we forgot or don’t use them. These unused and unnecessary apps eat up your phone efficiency and battery, so go to the installed app section in settings and stop or uninstall all unused and unnecessary apps from your phone and regain the Android performance and true battery life. Better try not to uninstall unnecessary apps.

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Third, most of us use micro SD to expand phone memory but do not mind to check its class and quality. The class number is clearly mentioned on the SD card, higher the number is a better quality means better read and write.

Always try to use minimum class 6 SD card, Class 10 is recommended for optimal performance because a higher class micro SD can read and write data in higher speed and that improves the performance of both phone and battery and make Android phone faster. Few micro SD like Samsung Evo has the capability of transferring data at 80 megabits per second. Those are best for optimal performance.



iPhone battery

Fourth, do not let your phone battery completely drain out. Recharge your phone battery as it goes down twenty five percent.

Android task kill


Fifth, don’t kill your apps which are frequently used. If you think that you are clearing the RAM to make Android phone faster, killing all the frequently used apps those run in the background you are actually pressurizing your phone’s processor and RAM to work more to re-launch those apps again and again.

Only kill those apps which are not frequently used. Refrain from over multitasking. Compare your phone with yourself, if you being a Human being the superior machine on this Earth can have the limit of using your body then why not your phone?


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