How to use tinder

How to use tinder | Learn how to browse through tinder profiles, how to get matches and more

Want to use the tinder app to find matches and start conversations but not sure how? Don’t worry in this post we will show you how to use tinder. The tutorial I am going to show you in this post is running on Android but it shouldn’t look much different on iOS. Now let’s get started.

Before you start browsing profiles of your potential matches, you’ll want to make sure you’ve adjusted your settings so tinder can better find people you’ll be interested in. To adjust your settings start by tapping the button in the top left corner to open the main menu.

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how to use tinder

On the next screen tap settings.

how to use tinder

Here you can make adjustment to the distance you’d like your matches to be within as well as the gender and age range you’re interested in.

how to use tinder

To adjust these ranges simply slide the circles over until they’re at the values you want to set. When you’re finished simply press back button or tap done.

How to browse potential matches on Tinder

Now you can start looking through profiles of your potential matches. The matching system on tinder is set to look like a game. Each profile is a card in the stack. To see more photos and read more information on someone’s profile, tap the info button on their picture to open the details.

how to use tinder

When a profile is open you can swipe their photos to the side to see more if they have multiple photos on their profile. To close their profile tap the arrow button on their photo.

how to use tinder

If you want to like someone’s profile swipe their card all the way to the right, if you’re not interested in them swipe their card to the left.

how to use tinder

Keep in mind that if you ignore their profile you can’t undo this action unless you have the premium paid subscription to tinder.

If you’re extra interested in someone and want the person to know that, you can swipe their card up, to super like them you can also use the buttons on the bottom of your screen. To use these functions tap the “X” to ignore a profile, tap the heart button to like a profile or tap the star button to super like a profile.

how to use tinder

If you and one of your potential matches both liked each other’s profile you’ll be matched and then you’ll be able to send each other messages


How to view matches and send messages on Tinder

Now, I will show you how to view your matches and send the messages. First tap the speech bubble in the top right corner, at the top of your screen you’ll be able to see all your matches.

how to use tinder

You can swipe to the side to look through them. Tap on a matches photo to open a conversation with them. To send a message tap in the textbox at the bottom of your screen and this will open up your device’s keyboard. Type in that you’d like to say then tap send.

Why your match replies you’ll get a notification on your device. If you and one of your matches hit it off you may be able to arrange to meet up in person.

That’s it for how to use tinder tutorial. If you’d lie to learn more about tinder comeback for more. We will be updating once in a week.

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