10 best apps for android you must use in 2017

What’s up guys! In this article we’re gonna talk about 10 best apps for android. I think we can all take a moment and accept the fact that Android is amazing on its own. But then again if you read through the end of this article you will find a few best apps for android in 2017 that will make your whole enthusiasm about Android a tad a bit higher.


Custom Live Wallpaper in Android

Alright, the first best apps for android I am going to talk about is customization in Android. Now we have all heard about wallpapers and live wallpapers as well as launchers and all of those things.

But, here is a home screen replacement solution which is a live wallpaper. This android app is KLWP or Custom Live wallpaper and essentially this is a live wallpaper that changes your entire home screen.

Essentially you can think of it as a launcher inside a wallpaper. So once you download these best apps for android from Playstore, you can also download separate presets from it just like you would download super widget skin. And then apply it with a single click and you can have some of the most badass looking home screen setups you will ever see.
(Download Link)


Android Fingerprint Gestures to control your Device

The second best apps for android we’re gonna be talking about is fingerprint gestures. These days, most devices come with a fingerprint sensor and you can do more than just unlocking your device with it.

Once you download this android app from the playstore (Here is the link), you can configure to do anything with your fingerprint.

So, if you want to set it go home and once you grant the accessibility settings every time you tap on your fingerprint sensor it is going to do the specified action, for example going Home.

It is a really neat little android app that you can use when you’re on your Android and you just want to customize it depending on your own. And all the more reason for buying a phone with a finger print sensor in case you don’t have one already. So this one for sure is one of the best apps for android in 2017.


Waking up your Android Device by Swiping over Proximity Sensor or Picking up the phone

How about waking your Android device by just picking it up or say swiping your hand over the proximity sensor? Cool! I know right. Well! It’s possible and in this best apps for android in 2017 list, I have included an android app called Smart Wake.

Once you download it up just turn it on and grant the permission. You can select different methods such as air control or rise to wake up from your pocket and all of those things.

It’s pretty simple and pretty cool android app. For these best apps for android,  all you just need is to switch it on or turn it off depending upon your choice. It does not hinder with anything else and does what it says.

So once again a cool and little nifty trick that you can use and delve it’s free. (Download Link for this App)


 Opening your Favorite Music App by Plugging in your Headphone

How cool it would be if you would just plug in your headphone or any media streaming device and your choice of music application would just open up without you having to do anything. That would be pretty insane right!

Well in this best apps for android lists, I have included an android app called Conscient. Essentially, it automates by adding different commands to your Android device. Once you have added a command that headphones plugin opens your choice of music application that is Sovereign. Once you create on the plus button you can create a fence where you can select what you have to do in order to trigger a certain action.

And also once you’ve selected what you have to do, for example when you select walking, whenever you are walking you want to open a certain android app or a certain shortcut. So anytime your phone detects any type of movement it’s going to open that android application up.

A pretty nifty app too then again removes and wirelessly automates your Android device with you having to do a minimal work. Definitely, one of the best apps for android and a must check out application. (Download Link for this App)


Pixel Filter to dim down the light without affecting the quality of the Picture

The next in the list for best apps for android in 2017 is for Amoled screen users out there. This android app is called pixel filter, so not only does this reduce the brightness below the minimum brightness level for those times when you are using a phone at night. But it also turns off certain pixels or the pixels in your screen.

I mean, who needs a quad HD display like that’s a bit overkill and heavy on the battery, as well no compromises in picture quality?

Well, this android app essentially dims down your display by turning off some pixel out of every four or five. You can configure that and it saves battery as well as reduces your brightness level.

Definitely this one also one of the best apps for android in 2017 and check this one out too. (Playstore Link)


 Copy a Text from anywhere where it has text

So you have already been through a situation when you want to copy a certain text to certain android apps but you just, I mean the text copier would not just open up. Well don’t worry, in this best apps for android in 2017 list, I have included this android app called Universal copy that lets you copy text basically from a place anywhere where it has text.

Simply select it from your notification bar, click on the text and just copy it. You can also do a couple of other things such as edit the text that you’re copying.

All you have to do is enable the android app and it’s going to appear on your notifications. Click on it then click on the pencil icon, from there you can select the different parts that you want to copy or a certain section and it’s going to be copied.

It works in places where definitely like it works in every place where text field is present. So you know you can literally copy the name of the android apps in your app drawer and what not. So definitely this android app is also one of the best apps for android and check this one out too.
(Playstore Link for this App)


  Keyboard Shortcut for Android Devices

In this best apps for android in 2017 list, I have included a very useful android app called Textpand. The reason behind is because we all know that shortcuts are useful, and especially keyboard shortcuts are more useful, right? Well! This android app called Textpand allows you to create shortcuts for short phrases.

You can add a shortcut such as adding Youtube URL and then you add the phrase that is supposed to expand. Every time you enter the text field or the shortcut word, a checkmark appears. When you click on that it expands your total text.

It saves time while texting people also while giving generic replies like “How are you” or “I’m doing good” or “What about you?” or “Thank you” and all of that you can just create shortcuts and save your time while texting. (Download Link) Definitely, this one’s too the best apps for android in 2017, right?


 Using Google Device Manager to wipe off you data in case your Device is lost

In this list for best apps for android in 2017, we’re gonna talk about how to save your data in case your device is lost. We have already faced with the situation when our phone gets lost or we can’t really find it.

Google device manager is probably one of the greatest android applications in this case. Opening it up, it shows us all the devices that our Gmail account has logged in with. You can also see its real-time location in the map.

You can either ring the device, lock the device or completely erase it in case it has been stolen and you have no other choices of getting it back. Your information is completely safe or if you have just lost it, you can click on the ring icon and it’s gonna ring in full volume for 10 or 15 minutes and you can find it then.

This application is a must have if your Android Device is lost or you just don’t know where your phone is. (You can download here) As a conclusion, I want to say that this is the best apps for Android. 


How to use your device in case the buttons and screen are not working

Next one we have on the list for in this best apps for android in 2017 is this application called Side Control. Say your onscreen navigation bars are not working and your hardware buttons are not working as well (In case you are using a oneplus device).

So this Android app called the Unique Control adds a Halo settings, as well as a Pi, Setting but essentially you get it in your navigation icons. You can select the position, the width wherever you want to trigger it from.

And all in all it is extremely useful when your hardware keys are spoiled or something like that and you still want to use your Android device. Also these things required root generally but this Android app does not, so it’s pretty cool.

You can download this Android app by clicking the Link below. Check this one out it should be a life saver for most people and due to that I have included this android app as one of the best apps for Android in 2017 list I have made. (Download Link of the App)



Lastly, the most important or the best apps for Android and the most amazing one is just open your phone and go to the power button which you used to turn it ON or OFF your phone. Just click on it once and then keep the phone on your pocket or on the table.

Yes.. it’s a beautiful world out there guys, Android phones or phones in general is not everything. Check the other world out and don’t fiddle with your phone all the time. It’s not good for us not good for the people surrounding us. So, make sure to spend quality time with your friends as well as your relatives instead of being hooked up to your phone all the time.

That is pretty much it, hope you enjoy the article or the lists I have made on the best apps for Android in 2017.