Free police scanner apps for android and iPhone

Free police scanner apps for Android and iPhone


In this post, we will be talking about some cool apps for your Android or iPhone so you can listen to what your police are up to. Of course, we will be talking about free police scanner app for your smartphone that you can use to listen to your local police and also police department all over the country.


When I was a kid, the first time I ever recall hearing about police scanners which are devices that eavesdrop on the local police band but don’t allow you to talk was one of the Deathwish movies were on TV.

In that movie, Charles Bronson’s character got a police scanner from a reporter friend of his who use them to get scoops on local stories. Charles Bronson though used his scanners to get updates on reported crimes so he could go around dishing vigilante justice.

free police scanner app


I am not saying you should use police scanners to go around acting like Batman or something. It is, however, nice to hear what your local authorities are up to or if there’s a big national story like the recent manhunt or Christopher Dorner. You can listen in on to what the police across the country are up to.

That’s particularly useful for when the police order the media to stop filming and we at home are left in the dark as to what’s really going on.


I mean it’s hard to get a good idea of what’s really happening when the media is pushed back about three miles and all you have is a news chopper filming a cabin on fire from the distance. The great thing about technology is we can now use free apps on our cell phone that in the 80’s would have required us to go to specialized radio store and spend some money on equipment. Now we just go out to Google Play or iTunes and install them and listen to it.


Free police scanner app: 5-0 Radio Police Scanner

This free police scanner app 5-0 Radio is an internet-based streaming scanner and it is available on the Android platform and also iOS. Just type in police scanner 5-0 Radio on the app store or you can directly download it by clicking here.

The installation process is easy and no problems at all. The scanner itself is very powerful and you can tune in to 2000 stations mostly on the police and the fire services.

It is based mostly in America, if you want to use this police scanner in the UK, unfortunately, you can’t because it’s currently illegal there. There are a few menus you can navigate through. It’s quite interesting to most of it. I used the basic drop-down list to choose to certain stations to listen to.

As you would expect, depending on what time of the day locally you tuned in to the police scanner depends on how busy it’s going to be. If you tune in the middle of the night it is quite quiet.

So most of the time I tune in in the evening time like to Friday and Saturday night and it gets quite intense. Well, you do hear some really quite strange things.

The sound quality is good and kind of clear. Since it’s a free police scanner app, there are many pop up ads on the screen and you have to delete that. If you bought a paid version, you are free from pop up ads showing up on the screen.

Download 5-0 Radio for Android
Download 5-0 Radio for iPhone

Free police scanner app for Android

free police scanner app

In this section, I would give you two app that you can use to listen to your police band in your town or in cities across the country. As I am using an Android phone, I’ll start with my pick for Android. I like scanner radio by Gordon Edwards.

ThisĀ free police scanner app lets you listen to live audio from over 3,600 police fire scanners, weather radio and amateur radio repeaters. Not just in the United States but from around the world. You can view scanners that are located nearest you and you can view the top 50 scanners that have the most listeners which get updated every five minutes.

Download here for Android

Free police scanner app for iPhone

free police scanner app

Free police scanner app for iPhone is similar and it’s called police radio by critical hit software. This app brings you about the same amount of police fire weather, and other radio feeds. This one also allows you to find channels based on GPS or Wifi triangulation so you don’t have to do any guesswork.

Armed with apps you can get the real story what is happening in a particular instance even when the media has been asked to stop filming so that there’s no evidence for when the police decide to violate someone’s fifth amendment rights. I mean when the cameras get shut off you can open the app on your phone and listen to stuff happening.

Download here for iPhone

These are potentially one of the greatest free police scanner app for Android and iPhone devices. If you know of a better app for monitoring the police and fire radio chatter let me know in the comments section. Be sure to like and share this post with your friends on facebook and twitter.


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