Next Soft Tech
Everyone was asked to take off their open shoes before entering the room and our every move was scrutinized by an artificially intelligent semblance nerdy young man. The walls were well painted,  pristine looking expensive carpet was the floor and a sweet aroma sprayed after every switched-on filled the air. The room was like a sanctum sanctorum of a deity and we ├žommunicated using signs and lip reads which was an epic dexterity of us. We weren’t invited to touch the new machine  but looking the whole kit was an orgasmic satisfaction, a finger taste of queen Elizabeth’s breakfast to some, an alien encounter to me.

He refreshed the computer about a hundred times in a minute and move around the pointer in excitement, the clicking sounds of the mouse was amazing and it can be heard from a distance. The monitor was cocooned with spotless white cloth everytime the computer was shut down and the most beatiful thing in that room was the multiflowered vases decor of the computer table. Those were the days colour TV had just lost its virginity. It was a memorable day.